Real estate is an amazing career. It allows us to do something incredibly meaningful while making a great income and giving us the keys to our own success. Whether you are an experienced agent looking to take your career to the next level or thinking about getting your real estate license, partnering with Team Jordan can help you realize your full potential.

The Freedom for Growth

In 2015, Team Jordan increased our business by 55%. In 2016, we increased by 48% and in 2017, Team Jordan was the 24th top performing Keller Williams team globally and increased our business by 62%. In 2018, we were the #2 Keller Williams team in Canada and have restructured ourselves for optimal growth potential.

This is just the beginning for us.

We believe that our growth is directly attributed to the freedom we give our Agents to do what they love.

Joining a Team

If you’re considering joining a team, think about what type of team will be the best fit for you.

Which Team Are You On?


Know how and what to say in order to always make the sale.


Just be yourself and don’t worry about fixing what isn’t broken.


Follow every step the exact same way, every time, to ensure the same outcome every time.


It’s all good! No Worries!

Old School:

We do it this way because this is how we’ve always done it.


Create meaningful connections and make a difference.


Constantly setting and achieving SMART goals, always improving personally and professionally.


Leverage the newest technology and digital platforms to gain an edge.

Team Jordan is a combination of the Growth, Community and Tech team styles. We are a highly motivated group of individuals that are passionate about giving our clients the best possible experience and building long lasting connections. We believe in creating a positive atmosphere for ourselves, our clients and our colleagues and giving back to the communities we live in. Due to our strong core values, Team Jordan has shown exceptional growth year over year and, in 2017, were ranked the 24th team in the Keller Williams global network.

We also believe that technology is changing the real estate industry. In order to give ourselves an advantage today and in the future, we’ve made investments in the right technology and platforms for our team.

Team Jordan Puts Our Agents First

The market and industry are changing. The demand on agents to maximize client experience are increasing and it feels as if the time available in each day is decreasing. It is impossible to do your best work, even if you like your work, when you are stretched to capacity and have no time to rest or regroup.

Partnering with Team Jordan gives you back the freedom and balance to focus on what you love while delivering on an amazing client experience and even allowing you to grow your income.

What can you expect when you partner with Team Jordan


Team Jordan provides the tools and the resources to succeed and to surround ourselves with trusted team mates and colleagues to continually inspire and support each other.


Continuous personal and professional development through coaching, resources and peer to peer training.


A team of dedicated marketing specialists create and execute customized marketing plans for each listing while assisting you in building your personal brand.


Access to cutting edge digital tools and platforms to improve efficiency and provide an industry advantage today and in the future.


Administrative professionals handle the details, so you can get back to doing what you love – focusing on the client. Team Jordan also aims to create an office culture and environment of trust and inclusivity.


Team Jordan is always moving forward and striving to achieve excellence. Be part of it.

If you think Team Jordan is the right fit for your career in real estate, we’d like to hear from you. Reach out today to set up a time to have an initial, and completely private and confidential, conversation.

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